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This 41 week journal includes a collection of miraculous testimonies, prayers, and devotionals aimed towards encouraging every mother enduring the journey of expectation and delivery. As mamas we have the right to stand in the gap for not only our family, but ourselves as well. While this book is focused on prayers from the perspective of a mother praying for her child, there are also prayers for the mind, body, soul, and emotions of the mother as well. Every week will provide health reminders, tips, updates, and noteworthy moments thoughtfully crafted to encourage readers to hold the position called wait. To WAIT in expectation. To WAIT from the place of hope. To WAIT and look for that very thing to come to pass. The important aspect of waiting is what you do while you wait and the perfect proactive action to take is to pray. As we progress on this journey of motherhood, many versions of ourselves will arise and fade away, but be sure to know that you will come out stronger. You will gain the courage and be well equipped to maintain the position of waiting on the Lord. To be The Waiting Mama.

The Waiting Mama | Prayers for Expectation & Delivery

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